Youth Entrepreneurs

The Duncan Farmers’ Market welcomes youth entrepreneurs. Youth is defined as a person between the ages of 13 and 18, inclusively, who is a resident of the Cowichan Valley and Gulf Islands.


Young Entrepreneurs Policy

The Duncan Farmers’ Market welcomes Youth entrepreneurs. Youth is defined as a person between the ages of 13 and 18, inclusively, who is a resident of the Cowichan Valley and Gulf Islands.

All youth participants must be members of the Duncan Farmers’ Market. Membership fees are $5.00 annually.

All youth participants will vend at the market on a drop-in basis. Drop-in fees are $15.All vendors are required to carry insurance to vend at the Duncan Farmers’ Market regardless of their age.

Booth space will be available during the market season for local youth with farm or craft products they would like to sell. Participants must provide and set up folding tables, small canopies, beach umbrellas or similar structures with weights to be carried to the site to sell their products.

Youth participants must abide by the same Rules and Regulations and Bylaws criteria as a full vendor.

The following rules apply to youth participants:1. Only one young entrepreneur will be selected to be at the market each week. If you have been selected to participate, please make every effort to keep the commitment. One week (7 days) notice is required if you cannot attend a committed Saturday. Failure to be present on a committed date and/or give notice of absence may result in the forfeiture of your privilege to participate in the Duncan Farmers’ Market. The Market is a rain-or-shine event and will only be cancelled as a last resort.

2. All work must be completed by the participant and be their own work (no kits or copyrighted material). Commercial, imported, manufactured and second-hand items shall not be sold at the Market.

3. Products that compete with a market vendor will be handled on a case by case basis. The Market Manager will have full discretion to approve or deny such a product.

4. Acceptable items include artwork, crafts, jewellery, and farm produce grown by the youth.

5. Cosmetics are not permitted to be sold at the market.

6. Low-risk food as per Island Health regulation can be sold at the market if the youth participant has a valid food sale certificate.

7. Youths 15 and younger are required to have their parent/guardian present during the market. The adult co-vendor or family member must remain at the market with the youth during the entire market day, from check-in through teardown. The adult should assist the youth artist as dictated by the youth’s age and experience. The adult is responsible for ensuring that the youth artist is safe and can make appropriate decisions while at the market.

8. Youth over 16 years old are not required to have an adult on site at all times but we strongly encourage the involvement of an adult at check-in and teardown time.

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