Pets at the Market


The Duncan Farmers’ Market is pet friendly, please review our policy around pets during market day.


Pets at the Market Policy

Dogs and other pets are welcome to the Duncan Farmers’ Market.

1. Dogs are welcome at the market on a short leash 4′ or under. No retractable leashes.

2. Owners must have full control of dogs.

3. Reactive, loud, and aggressive dogs will be asked to leave the market.

4. Clean up after your pet. Dogs that pee on a vendor’s product or table will be asked to leave the market and not return, the owners are welcome back without the problem dog.

5. Dogs should have an ID tag or tattoo incase of emergency.

6. Please do not bring dogs on days that are 30°C+ as the temperature of the asphalt will be in the 50°C+.

7. Please do not leave your dog in the cars on a hot day.

8. The market is not a dog training or socializing ground for your dog.

9. Please ASK the owner before approaching the pet or for dog to dog interactions.

Management and staff will enforce these rules and reserve the right to remove dogs from the market.


Updated 02/2024

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