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Vendor Information

The Duncan Farmers' Market welcomes Vancouver Island vendors. We are one of the largest markets in B.C. and operate Saturdays on a year-round basis outdoors, taking off only two Saturdays each year.

We have three separate market sessions and an application form is required to participate in each one. The annual membership fee is $30 and fees for each market session vary depending on the number of weeks in each.

Our market sessions:
  • Winter: January - March (12 weeks)
  • Spring-Summer: April - October (30 weeks)
  • Fall: November - December (8 weeks)

Hours of operation:    
  • 9am-2pm (Spring-Summer)
  • 10am-2pm (Fall-Winter)

Every Saturday we're joined by farmers, gardeners, small-scale food processors, crafters, jewellers, food sellers, butchers, bakers and candle-stick makers. As a true farmers' market, we give priority to farmers and growers, but we are always looking for producers and artisans of the unique and unusual.

Application Process for 2016 Markets

Due to overwhelming demand we are not accepting any new applications for the 2016 market year.

Please check back to our website this fall for updates for the 2017 Market Year.

Will People Eat or Drink What You Sell?

If you sell food from a cart or trailer, your travelling cook station must be inspected by Island Health (IHA) and you must supply us with a copy of the Permit To Operate you received from them. If you are a vendor of higher risk food and you own an approved commercial premises, we need a copy of your Permit or License to Operate.

If you are a vendor of higher risk food and you use someone else's approved commercial premises, you need to supply us with a copy of your Letter of Confirmation from VIHA.

If you are a small scale food processor, creating what you believe is low-risk food, you may be asked to provide pH test results from an approved lab. It is the vendor's responsibility to provide evidence that a food is lower risk if requested by the Market Manager or the local Health Authority.

Please note that farmers' markets are required to keep on file the pertinent approval documents/permits relating to you and the food items you are selling. Therefore, incomplete applications will be returned to you and your approval process may be delayed.

If you have questions about your application and requirements, please email us at: themarketmanager1@gmail.com

Not sure if what you make is high-risk or low-risk? You'll find the answers in the Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets, a publication by Island Health (VIHA).

Liability Insurance

The Duncan Farmers' Market carries general liability insurance, but individual vendors are NOT insured for their products or operations during market hours under this policy. The DFM general liability policy ONLY covers the activities of the managers, employees, volunteers, officers and directors of the Duncan Farmers' Market within the scope of their duties for the Farmers' Market Operations.

The Duncan Farmers' Market strongly recommends all vendors carry their own liability insurance for their products and business operations during market hours, and may require vendors to show documentation of this insurance.

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